New discoveries about earthquakes

After more than two centuries of scientific studies, scientists came to the conclusion that all the previous myths that were woven about earthquakes have no basis in science and that earthquakes are a purely geological phenomenon, with its own laws, causes and scientific explanation. .

An earthquake is simply a disturbance in the surface layers of the earth, especially the first and second layers.

These disturbances come from the high currents of thermal convection and the viscous nature of the second layer of the earth that follows the earth’s crust, and because of the great pressures in this layer as well as the constant distortions and movements of these layers and their collision with each other.

Scientists have discovered that the volcanic activity of the earth has doubled two hundred times in the last two thousand years, and they have also discovered that the layers of the earth are constantly sliding and there is nothing to stop them, until it reaches a critical stage. in which earthquakes increase dramatically.

The earthquake mechanism is compared to the string when we stretch the pressure force on it increases until it reaches the critical limit and breaks.

Likewise, earthquakes are an inevitable consequence of the movement of the earth’s plates, so the great earthquake is inevitably coming and this is confirmed by the Holy Qur’an through the chapter Zilzal